About Clementine

Women’s jeans should have functional pockets. 

It sounds almost ridiculous to say, it’s something that shouldn’t have to be said. But here we are.

This simple idea spawned everything that we want to do here at Clementine. We decided that if no one else was going to do it, we’d do it ourselves. And we’d do it right.

Meticulous Design

With the help of an incredible fashion designer out of Santa Monica, CA, we believe we’ve created something truly special. What started out as just jeans with pockets, turned into much more.

In the pursuit of doing things the right way, we ended up going further than we ever thought we would.

Full-Sized Pockets

Sizes to Fit All Women

Multiple Styles


So much of what we buy new is getting worse and worse. Quality is decreasing and the price is staying the same, or even increasing!

We wanted to keep our production within North America, somewhere we can be sure of quality and care. We’ve achieved that goal. 

Doing this, our production cost is two or even three times what it would’ve been overseas. But it’s worth it. And by selling directly to you, we can keep prices fair without having to compromise on quality.

What's Next?

Check out our Kickstarter to support us and get early access to our products!

Our product ideas don’t end with just jeans. After a successful Kickstarter launch we plan on releasing a whole line of dresses, skirts, and other women’s apparel. All with pockets!

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