In the past few years, there were considerable numbers of complaints from women about their jeans.

Those complaints were about the fact that it has been hard almost impossible to find casual jeans were it is possible to store items in the front pockets. Especially nowadays, It seems like it is a need to have our phone with us all the time. With regular branded jeans it is impossible to bring that item without having a purse which can be tricky in different everyday life situation. It could be like being on a nightclub, taking a walk in the city, going on a bike ride, going to a store, going for a hike, doing chores in the house. Any activities that required hand free movement that you want to execute in style.

In 2018 it seems unreasonable and unfair that this issue is still a common problem in the fashion industry. Of course purses, handbag, and backpack have their place and are a handful in many situations, but wouldn’t be nice to have the options to be hand free while still having the essential on you?

At Clementine Jeans, we think so, and we have been working to resolve this problem. We teamed up with a skillful designer to create fashionable and casual high-end jeans and added bigger and deeper front pocket to allow you to be hand free when it counts. We came up with a particular design which will enable you to store items in your pocket without altering the line of the pants.

Our Story

The company started in November 2017. After naively seeing a video on social media explaining the difference between men and women’s jeans we did a countless hour of research online only to find out how hard it was to find women’s jeans with pocket. We then started a year-long process of designing, fabric choices, sampling, sizing and fittest to be able to offer Clementine as we know it today.

As a smaller company, we want to offer an exceptional customers service. After all the customer is the reason, we are creating the products. We make it our priority. We are always going to be listening for suggestions of new products, amelioration or concern.

Our jeans and clothing are axes on the functionality. We want to offer products that are highly fashionable, but we also want to help women by providing clothes that can be hard to find. Clementine is and always going to be focus on providing high-end clothing for women.

Our Products

At Clementine, we are proud to be able to offer a product a 100% think and produce in Canada. Nowadays, the bigger company opted for production overseas to save on labor cost, and it is harder and harder to find products made here. We wanted to be able to offer a high-end product and by having our manufacturer and supplier located in our backyard allows us to monitor the quality and provide the best of the best.

As an early stage, Clementine has a limited option of jeans and product. We do have big plans for the near future. We are going to offer a large variety of washes in every style of jeans we are going to produce. We are going to create different rise as well as a large selection of fit including a boyfriend, straight, cropped, cargo, bootcut and more.

All of those fit with the aesthetics side combined with our practical aspect. Jeans are only a beginning at Clementine. We are soon going to be offerings pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. We are also going to offer a small purse to fit our pockets. Clementine is going to be a full line of clothes

Simplifying women’s life by providing products that are hard to find or inexistent and heavily request. We hope to be able to help women in their daily lives and make a difference in the long run, to be able to provide them with more options and choice when it comes to functionality of clothing. This is what Clementine is all about.