tired of tiny or fake pockets?

At Clementine Jeans Co. We’re ready to bring you what all the big designers have refused to for years. 

Womens jeans with pockets that actually work!

We’ve teamed up with a fantastic fashion designer, and Canadian production facilities. We’re ready to start production, but we need your help!

Full size pockets

Yes! You can finally fit a phone in there.

Highest Quality

Premium denim jeans produced in Canada


No more tiny or fake pockets! Our pockets are designed around real life. And never look bulky when not in use!


To ensure the highest standard of quality, all our products are made by well-trained professionals using premium materials in Canadian production facilities.

Inclusive sizing

Unlike many companies that only offer a few sizes, our jeans come from anywhere between a 27 inch and a 44 inch waist.

save money by bUYing DIRECTLY FROM US

Our product goes straight from us, the manufacturer, to you, the customer. Because there's no retail mark-up, we can offer a premium product at a fraction of what it would cost at retail.

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